Turbine Generator

Steam Turbine Generator Package

The Skinner Package includes:

Turbine  - The turbine is the first step in converting steam energy to electric power. We select a turbine based on the steam you have available. The selected turbine model will provide you optimum power based on your steam conditions.

Generator - The generator takes the turbine’s mechanical energy and converts it into electric power. Both two-pole and four-pole generator designs are available in induction or synchronous types. Because Skinner is not committed to one particular generator manufacturer, we have flexibility to furnish the most suitable generator for you from manufacturers worldwide. This may lower your costs and/or improve the delivery time of your package.

Gear - When appropriate, a gear reducer enables the turbine–which is more efficient at high speed–to drive a standard 4-pole generator at a lower speed. This results in dramatically improved efficiency and cost savings in the form of greater electrical output and/or less steam usage.

Oil system - The oil system, if required because of temperature or for the gear, is sized for ample capacity.

User-friendly controls - The control system features a user-configurable digital governor which provides the versatility required for speed or pressure control.

Protective Systems - The safety and availability of the equipment depend on the protection devices built into the system. Every package has a mechanical overspeed trip. If the rotating speed becomes excessive, the trip closes the main stop valve on the turbine to shut it down. Other protection devices available include temperature monitoring to indicate changes in turbine performance, vibration monitoring to sense problems such as misalignment or worn bearings, and oil system monitoring for heat and lubrication of bearings.


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