Mechanical Drive Turbines

Mechanical Drive Turbines

Our turbines can operate over a broad speed range and do not fail when overloaded. They also have the high starting torque required for constant torque loads such as positive displacement pumps. Further, on smaller applications below 30 horsepower our turbines can operate on steam pressures as low as 50 psig.

Skinner manufactures nine (9) models of single-stage steam turbines with power output of 5 of 3000 horsepower. Our turbines are generally in compliance with applicable API standards. All models are available with sleeve bearings. Certain models are also available with ball bearings.

Customers may want to consider steam turbine drives if your facility:

  • Contains a high-pressure boiler or a boiler designed to operate at a higher pressure than process requirements.
  • Has time-of-use (e.g. on/off, peak, real-time, etc.) energy purchase and resale contracts with periods when electric power costs are substantially higher than fuel costs.
  • Has pumps or other rotating equipment
  • Requires continued equipment operation during electrical power supply interruptions.


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