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Our History

With a rich heritage in steam that dates back to 1960’s, Skinner Power Systems manufactures single-stage, steam turbines of proven design for (up to 3,000 horsepower) mechanical drive and electric power generation for petrochemical, marine and many other industrial services around the world. 

Our steam turbine technology has continually advanced from the first Delaval-based designs of the Dean Hill turbine acquired in the early 1960’s to a position of state-of-the-art leadership. In turbine applications where rugged and dependable performance with low capital investment is critical to your operation, the wise choice is a Skinner Single Stage Steam Turbine.

Over 20,000 of our turbines have been installed providing many years of operating experience driving pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, mills, electric generators, and other equipment. 

steam turbines

Time tested for any application, with standard features on all Skinner turbines including many optional accessories; our capabilities include:


Skinner applies state of the art control and monitoring components (governors/monitors/relays) to proven hardware designs. We create a machine that is reliable, easy to use and that does the job you want it to do.


The Skinner facility is located in Erie, PA U.S.A. Your steam turbine is built here by dedicated skilled workers, with support from our parent company, RER, for machining and finishing parts that will be used in your turbine.

Product Quality

Skinner personnel take pride in our skills and craftsmanship since our beginning in 1960s. We have maintained our traditions of striving to exceed all customers’ expectations. Today Skinner backs our commitment to quality with a one-year limited warranty on each of our turbines and turbine packages.

Customer Service Support

Purchasing quality original equipment from Skinner is just the beginning of a customer’s rewarding long-term relationship with us. We know our success depends on our customers in meeting their objectives. Skinner’s dedicated professional staff is committed to providing prompt service, product support, and is available to assist with turbine troubleshooting, maintenance and, if necessary, repair.