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Repair or Rebuild 

Is your Skinner / Dean Hill turbine 20 years old? Maybe 30 or 40 years old? So, is now the time to rebuild or repair your Skinner or Dean Hill turbine? Skinner Power Systems can rebuild your turbine in our shop or provide you all the parts needed to rebuild in your facility.                                                                       

Skinner Power Systems has rebuilt numerous units in our new and modern shop, including this S28 in the pictures on this page. Most internal components will be replaced with Skinner original new parts built to our original specifications. We will provide you with a unit in like new condition for less than a replacement unit. When you send your turbine to Skinner, you know you will get the right parts, made the right way, by the right people. We have the original manufacturing files on your units. Using our shop drawings, we don’t need to make guesses like the other guy.  When the rebuild is complete, our shop will no-load test your turbine with live steam performing the same test we do on our new turbines. And we warranty the work we do.  When you receive your re-manufactured unit, your first impression will be that you have purchased a new turbine. It will perform and look like new at a cost below a new unit and likely at a cost less than your local repair shop.                                                                       

If you prefer to do the rebuild or repair in your facility, Skinner can provide all the parts you require and will be Skinner original new parts. No third party knock off parts that may or may not fit. Since Skinner use the original shop drawings and specifications, our parts will fit properly and last longer than the imitations.  We have most common parts in stock for a very quick delivery time. And the Skinner prices are very, very reasonable, and generally less expensive than the competition.

Please contact Skinner for all your Skinner & Dean Hill turbine part or rebuild needs. 

Phone: 814-868-8500