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Skinner Sales Intro

Thursday Jun 24th, 2021

Hello All, You Single Stage Steam Turbine Fans!!!

My name is Steve Allard and am the new Sales Engineer here at Skinner Power Systems.  This first letter will be an overview of what Skinner can offer in regard to steam turbines. Skinner manufactures single stage steam turbines that can be custom built to each individual customers need and steam conditions available. We sell individual turbines, or they can be packaged as a Turbine/Generator sets (TG Sets) to generate electricity. They can also be packaged to drive rotating equipment such as pumps, fans, compressors etc.. with a very affordable budget. Our turbines can be used for a multitude of industries including oil & gas, chemical, biomass, food processing, sugar, government, hospitals, universities and many more! If a facility has any wasted or excess steam (energy) available, has a pressure reduction (loss of energy) in the steam system, generates steam by burning bio-mass waste, uses steam for the processing of product or heat etc., or simply has excess steam that is being wasted, a Skinner turbine could be an ideal purchase for consideration. We manufacture our turbines in Erie, PA. USA and back our turbines with a one-year limited warranty. We are dedicated to helping find the right fit for you and will work with you throughout the entire process. We can be reached via email at or by phone at (814)-868-8500.

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