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SBV18- up to 300hp

Vertical Applications Turbine

The Skinner SBV18 steam turbine is the vertical configuration of our SB18 using a lubrication system. This unit is based on our horizontal SB18 ball bearing model and has the same bearing sizes but with different angular contact for the orientation. It is a driver for a majority of pump applications between 1 to 300 horsepower (0.5 to 200 kW) and is ideally suited for smaller vertical pump, fan or compressor drives. This unit is rated for up to 600 psig at 650°F inlet pressure and temperature, and up to 250 psig exhaust pressure. Additionally, 90% of the parts of the vertical SBV18 turbine are interchangeable with the horizontal SB18 unit.

This model is available in a 2” or 3” inlet flange, with a 6” exhaust flange. To download and view the full schematic, click here.

sbv18 v2

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