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SB18- up to 400hp

Number One Cost-Efficient Unit/ Extended Bearing Life Turbine

Our most popular size turbine is the SB18, designed primarily as a pump drive. The ball bearing rotor assembly has proven to be a cost-effective approach to making a simple turbine. The advantage of the ball bearing assembly is the extended life of the bearing. These units are perfect for applications that do not require API-611 standards.

The Skinner SB18 steam turbine is a driver for a majority of pump applications up to 400 horsepower and is ideally suited for smaller pump, fan or compressor drives and for small electric generator sets.  Its simplicity and reliability makes it the preferred driver in this power range.

This model is available in a 2” or 3” inlet flange, with a 6” exhaust flange. To download and view the full schematic, click here.

SB18 turbine
sb18 technical
sb18 dimensions

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